Gene Eugene: A Special Photo Selection (part 2)

All images courtesy of Gene’s mother, Carole Gilliland

(continued from part 1)

Little League
Gene in Little League

Graduation photo

Gene's First Car - 1965 Mustang
Gene’s first car

1977 Youth Attends Boys State
Senior picture

Undated Live Shot 1
Undated Live Shot 2
Early live shots, band and date unknown.

Gene with his brother Todd
Gene’s sister Lisa

Undated Practice Shot 1

Gene practicing, date unknown.

  1. Harry Founder Blue Collar records

    Gene…was a unique soul. I read where someone said it was hard to stay mad at him and it was. He could flat out do so many things wrong and yet he could disarm the situation in an uncommon way. I think he was a walking contradiction and man of many loves and grace who battled some vices. I wish he was still here.

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