Letters To Us January 2009

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Scaterd Few

Looking forward to the Scaterd Few article. Over the summer, I remembered their music and have frequently listened to Sin Disease and Jawbone in their entirety on car trips.


(Was that you I saw swerving all over the place on I-10 in Arizona? Trying to slam dance with the other passengers while you are driving is sooo dangerous, dude….)


Hi There,

It’d be great if I could get an e-mail whenever a new issue came out. Is that what Registration is good for?

By the way, I’ve only glanced at the first issue, but so far it looks great, with lots of detail and thought.

With much appreciation,

Harvey deKleine

(Well, Harvey, great question. I know I told that I would get that feature out soon… over 3 months ago. Our web guy is such a slacker. I’ll try to knock some heads and get the feature up)

I’m Drooling

This is the greatest magazine! Thanks for all your hard work putting this together. It’s about time someone gave props to the greatest bands ever!!


Mark Melton

(wow – so us and that Pavlov’s bell thing can both cause spontaneous salvation. Or is that saliva-cation? Or maybe people can drool and get saved at the same time from reading our magazine? That rocks…)

Out of Date Already

Nice job. As I was reading the story on Scaterd Few I was amazed at how much my life has changed just since the interview was written – oh geez – the constant ride our Father has us on.

If it’s even possible, the “what is he doing now” section of the article is completely out of date! Weird!

Great job on the first issue!

Allan Aguirre

(thanks for the compliment, and the updates on your new project are in the News section)

A Lot To Tackle

I’ve downloaded the first issue! Wow that is a lot of content! Learning about Alan Aguirre was great! I have to reread that article just to absorb! I’m going to tackle L.S.U. next! Thanks for the great mag!

t.b.a. (MySpace comment)

(I know you are desperate to hear new L.S.U., but threats of violence have no place in our magazine. Well, there are about five of them and one of you, so tackling L.S.U. would be a little difficult anyways. You’re a brave soul to try, though….)

Underground Spread

Thanks for the huge spread on the underground, loved the first issue, can’t wait for the next! Peace –

Josh Lory (MySpace comment)

(and we can’t wait for what is next from all the projects you are working on. All I have to say is – we beat ya! 🙂

Review of Our First Issue

Shawn Ness gave a great review of the first issue. See the comments on our blog to read the whole thing. Feel free to add your own review on our website, too. We love feedback, even if we get called fanboys. ‘cause we are.

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