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The Crucified Box Set

Out of nowhere, The Crucified have announced that they are releasing a box set of all of their material – from early demos to final studio cuts and everything in between (all re-mastered, of course).  Look for a June 2nd release on Tooth & Nail records with almost 2 hours of exclusive video footage.  T-Shirts are already available from Zambooie.  They will also be playing the Encore stage at C-Stone.  See their home page ( for more details as they emerge.

Greg Minier also has a MySpace page with new music (which is totally different from his past stuff, but pretty cool). See:

Sincerely Paul re-issue

Looks like all the surgeries and other issues surrounding Sincerely Paul/Slide are working out now, and plans for some music releases are moving forward.  A new website has been unveiled, along with new songs on their MySpace page.  Official release date for the Grieve 2 disc re-issue is May 5th.  Pre-orders are now being accepted.

See for track listing, artwork, and more news.  Also, be on the look out for new Slide songs to materialize soon.

Writ on Water Tour Plans?

The Writ on Water MySpace page announced that they are working toward putting together a lineup for live dates, possibly later this year.  Keep an eye on for updates.  They are also making their music available through more and more digital outlets, including iTunes now.

SF59. Silver. Vinyl. !!!

Yep – you read that right – the debut album by Starflyer 59 is finally on vinyl.  It’s a limited pressing on 180 gram vinyl, so grab it fast!  For ordering details:

Also, be sure to check out the newly released “Minor Keys” ep by SF59, featuring acoustic versions of songs from Dial M and a cover of “Under The Milky Way” by The Church.  Available through iTunes or Amazon mp3.

Terry Taylor Tour

LAM Productions announced that Terry Taylor and friends want to tour this summer.  Spots are being booked for June 19-July 12.  If interested, see:

The Lost Dogs Recording

Hopefully, by the time you read this, The Lost Dogs will have concluded recording 14 songs for the upcoming Route 66 album.  Reports indicate that there has been a lot of collaboration on this album and that it will cover many genres. Some rough mixes are surfacing on their MySpace page.

Glenn Rowlands EP

Glenn Rowlands has released a companion ep to his recent full length “Red Road.”  “Living Light” is a rock and roll tribute to the visions of Holy Man Black Elk and can be ordered for $2 by sending a PayPal payment to:

For more information, see:

4-4-1 Releases Live Album

The new album by 4-4-1 is out!  It has two new songs and 8 live tracks recorded at the Broken records reunion concert in 2005.  The new songs were recorded with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59.  We were treated to a special preview of them, and they sounded great.  See for ordering details.

The Bloody Strummers

A new project by Joshua Lory (L.S.U./Lifesavers/Western Grace) called The Bloody Strummers has surfaced.  Joshua describes it best on the MySpace page: “Driven by the boredom of a bandless life in a new town, Joshua Lory of Western Grace, Lifesavers, and L.S. Underground, sought out a cure for his cabin fever. The end result is swinging blend of garage, psychedelic, shoegaze, gospel, and surf/punk called The Bloody Strummers. Josh plays all the instruments with a few friends as guest musicians. His first release “Return Of The Halcyon Days” is due sometime 2009.”  Michael Knott is also doing artwork for the album.

U2 Release Everything

Or just about everything.  Their first three studio albums have been re-issued, all with regular editions and special editions that come with a book and a bonus disc of B-sides and unreleased tracks.  They also finally released No Line On The Horizon, that immediately went multi-platinum around the world.  A world stadium is now gearing up, and announcements have come in that they will release a second new album soon called Songs of Ascent, as well as re-issuing The Unforgettable Fire.  Top all of this off with a special bonus double disc of unreleased songs for all paying fan club members.  And probably a few other albums I missed – these guys have gone crazy this year!

Bill Mallonee Digital Releases

Two new digital releases are available at  Pick up the Vigilantes of Love: Live @ Eddies (full length) and Bill Mallonee: Works (in) Progress Administration Vol 3 (ep), both for around $5.

Hidden From Blackout

Breakups and Fur Coats is finally available for purchase! Described as a “beautiful 12 song collection of melodic, textured, reflective, and emotionally engaging songs,” it was recorded at Hail Mary Studios and co-produced / co-mixed by Michael Knott. For ordering details, see

Burnt Toast Vinyl

If you are looking for good music from new bands that know how to rock, check out Burnt Toast Vinyl and some of their bands: Unwed Sailor, Bosque Brown, Saxon Shore, Yndi Halda, and more. BTV also releases albums by other cool bands on vinyl, such as Starflyer 59’s Dial M and mewithoutyou’s It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright. For details, see

Velvet Blue Music

VBM also keeps the cool and underground flowing, with new releases from Ronald of Orange (featuring Ronnie Martin), Gary Murray & LN (back together), Frank Lenz, and Doug Burr. See for details.

God’s Not Dead

Been looking for something new to read?  How about: “God’s Not Dead (And Neither Are We): The story of Christian alternative rock’s pioneers then and now, as told by the artists themselves” – featuring interviews with Mike Stand (Altar Boys), Joe Taylor (Undercover), Derri Daugherty (The Choir), Nancy Jo Mann (Barnabas), Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos), and others.  Find it on – and check out this product description: “While bands such as Switchfoot and Jars of Clay are household names, the artists who paved the way for their success by first introducing modern rock to Christian music are all but forgotten by the very industry they created. Now, they are telling their story from the beginning to the present day. This book isn’t about where are they now, but who are they now as with frank and sometimes shocking openness the ones who went before talk about their lives and times… a time that is not yet passed.”

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