Music News August 2009

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New Choir All Around
According to Steve Hindalong on MySpace, a new choir album is in the future. The Choir boys will start work “soon” on a new studio album. In addition to that, The Choir also have a brand spanking new website. Not to mention they are now on Twitter and FaceBook. See for details and news as it unfolds.

Writ on Water
In celebration of Midsummer, as well as having reached 10,000 plays on their Myspace page, Writ on Water have uploaded an extended mix of “A Midsummer Wish” to their MySpace play list. The band is continuing to rehearse in preparation for some live appearances later this year, but they say that there isn’t much more to report at this time. Check back on their website for more information in the coming months:

Michael Roe
Michael Roe is releasing a new solo album, We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun, while on tour this summer with Michael Miller ( Roe’s new solo venture is another collection of covers of classic spirituals and hymns. Roe played all instruments on the album, including mandolin and banjo. The first 400 orders also receive a bonus disc of alternative versions and out takes.

For the live concerts, select shows on the tour will be a Master Class, where attendees will have an opportunity to ask Michael Roe questions about songwriting in an intimate setting and learn some guitar playing secrets… as well as receiving a free CD of rare and unreleased tracks as a limited edition souvenir!

The Violet Burning
The Violet Burning has released a new Live CD, Sting Like Bees and Sing, as a digital download or physical CD. This album was recorded by Jeff Elbel live at Cornerstone Festival 2007. They are also having a massive sale on older CDs, as well as digital re-releases of older Violet Underground releases. See for details, as well as upcoming European tour dates.

Galactic Cowboys
The Galactic Cowboys have re-united for three shows in Texas. Word is that all 5 former Cowboys will be on stage. See for more details and ticket information.

Blackhouse Re-issue
We Will Fight Back, originally recorded in 1988, has been re-issued on Klanggalerie records from Austria. This is the ultimate version of the album as it was originally recorded by Brian Ladd. Due to the time restrictions that exist with vinyl, several tracks had to be taken off the original album. Now this classic record comes full-length, with the original intended running order – plus a booklet that explains more about the recording, as well as some rarely seen band photograph. See for ordering information and for the track list.

Steve Scott
Although it has been out for a while, don’t forget to check out Crying for a Vision and Other Essays: The Collected Steve Scott Vol. One. I bring this up because the ads for Crying for a Vision have started to mention that a new CD by Steve Scott is coming out in Fall 2009 called Emotional Tourist. Is this a shelved album from back in the 80s finally released? A re-recorded version of an existing album? Or maybe a totally new CD with the same title as one of his older songs? See for details as they become available.

One Bad Pig
HM Magazine reports that the Pig is considering doing some reunion concerts for their upcoming 25th anniversary. If something does happen, watch for details. Paul Q-Pek of OBP now also has a side band called We2. We2 is a band that does all unplugged U2 cover songs.

Western Grace
Western Grace features Joshua Lory of L.S.Underground – and they have finally finished their new album. You can preview the entire album on MySpace:

The new album Take Back the Scene drops on August 9th.

Velvet Blue News

  • Map has finished recording and mixing Speechless. Release has been delayed a bit to August.
  • Kissing Cousins has shot a video for “Don’t Look Back” from their new record Pillars of Salt. Look for a vinyl version of Pillars of Salt in August.
  • Doug Burr is getting ready to enter the studio and record a new album.
  • VBM has signed Fort Worth, TX based Telegraph Canyon. Their “Indie / Folk / Other” debut VBM album The Tide and The Current will be out August 8th.
  • See for details and links to MySpace pages with samples.

SLIDE (featuring former members of Sincerely Paul) is in the studio working on their first single “January.” “January” is planned to be a free download single. Watch for details.

The Reign
Not the Stryper song, but an roots rock/alternative band from the late 80s that released one album called Back From Euphoria (produced by Gene Eugene) before calling it a day. Remember them? They had a reunion concert recently that was filmed and recorded. The DVD/CD combo will be combined with a re-issue of Back From Euphoria. See their FaceBook page for more details here:

Regeneration Radio
Jeani Bond of Key Records has started a new online radio station playing classic Christian alternative music. Jeani also reports that a new website is in the works. Check out the music station online at:

Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill
Yep – you read that right – Keaggy and Stonehill have recorded a collaboration record called Mystery Highway. Twelve news songs and one Mark Heard cover. Available at or

L.S. Underground
Limited edition L.S. Underground T-shirts are available, and the band is looking to do select live shows. If you are interested in either of these, see their MySpace page for more details:

The Lost Dogs
The Dogs still have an album in the works, inspired by their recent tour down Route 66. There is a DVD in the works, edited by Jimmy Abegg. From what we have heard, there is no release date for the album yet, as they want to do a good job with it and not rush it to market. Keep an eye on for updates.

Duraluxe has a new album (simply called III) out – and you can listen to the whole thing before deciding to buy it. See:

Starflyer 59
Tooth & Nail Records has released a collection of sorts for Starflyer 59 called Ghosts of the Past. Disc one is the Ghosts of the Future vinyl set in its entirety. Disc two is a collection of most of the songsfrom various recent eps and a bonus track from Dial M.

Neon Horse
The mysterious anonymous band Neon Horse has released a new album. Still claiming that they do not want to take any attention away from the music, the Horse has still not revealed the names of anyone involved. But most people seem to know anyways. Remember back when the anonymous band thing was just a gimmick to bring more attention to who was in the group and distract us from bad music? Guess the members of Neon Horse missed that whole era of music. No anonymous band has ever done anything but bring massive attention to guessing who was in the band. So, anyways – if you want to see what Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 and Mark Salomon of The Crucified & Stavesacre have been up to recently… you didn’t hear it from me… but check out Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance, and Delusion and you might get a clue.

The Huntingtons
The Huntingtons recently got back together for a reunion concert with a reunited Ghoti Hook. In addition to the concert, The Huntingtons released a collection album of B-sides, rare tracks, and two new tracks called Punk Sounds. Proceeds from the album go towards cancer treatment for the wife of Huntington’s drummer Mikee. Details and ordering information can be found on the bands MySpace page:

Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor recently wrapped up a tour, accompanied by Steve Hindalong on drums and Terry’s son Andrew Taylor on bass. Even though that is old news by now, it is too cool not to mention.

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