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Vigilantes of Love
Bill Mallonee has reformed the Vigilantes of Love and is touring with the band as well as solo. Check out for tour info and updates. In addition, the VoL sounds page where almost all of Bill’s work is available for download, has dropped prices to an average of $7.99 per release.

Allan Aguirre
Allan Aguirre has a new band called Men as Trees Walking that is currently in the studio recording some music.  The MySpace page for Men as Trees Walking describes their sound as “Healing & Easy Listening / Ambient / Alternative.”  A temporary sampler song is also up.  See:

Larry Norman Documentary
Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman is set to have its premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose, CA) at a date some time between February 25th and March 8th.  David Di Sabatino, director of this documentary, reports that they should also have a website soon (, but a trailer is online now at FaceBook or here:  Randy Stonehill re-recorded some of his best songs from his early albums and released them as a companion CD to the documentary.  This CD was called Paradise Sky and was released December 26th on Infinity Music.

Writ on Water
The Ancestral Echo and Wunderzeit! EPs by Writ on Water are now available from your favorite online retail outlets.  See iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and Amazon to purchase these EPs (both EPs come on one CD).  You can also hear an exclusive remix of “Wondertime” from A Wingless King on the band’s MySpace page.  See for links and details.

Grunge fans rejoice – Grammatrain is back.  Concerts are planned and an EP is being recorded.  No word yet on how much flannel will be demolished to support these endeavors, but updates can be found on their MySpace page:  Considering Pete Stewart’s recent statements with The Accident Experiment, does he still Believe?

Sorry… just couldn’t help myself…

Glenn Rowlands
Remember Glenn Rowlands / Wickeds End / Floppy Fish Records?  Glenn himself is back making music and re-releasing older tunes.  Glenn’s new CD, Red Road, is available through his MySpace page for $3.  He has also re-released both Wickeds End demos on one CD (with bonus tracks), as well as I Think I Can and Time Will Tell (both with bonus tracks). See:

Daniel Amos
The Daniel Amos re-issue extravaganza continues. The Darn Floor, Big Bite re-issue was finally released recently by Stunt Records and Arena Rock Recording Co.  In addition to that, Stunt Records has also re-issued dr. Edward Daniel Taylor’s The Miracle Faith Telethon of Love.  Get’em both now at  Other titles being thrown out for possible re-issue: Terry Taylor’s LITTLE, Big; The Revelation; and Terry Taylor’s live album Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere.  There are also rumblings of a “future project” of some kind – but no other details?

The Choir
Fans of The Choir are now discussing what they would like to hear in a new Choir album.  Will the The Choir boys listen and give us a new album?  Let’s see.  Join the discussion at

The release of the upcoming L.S.Underground album has been delayed slightly because of the return of Brian Doidge.  Brian will be recording some new parts for the album.  Work also continues on a new Lifesavors album and a Michael Knott solo album.  See:

Michael Knott
Struck Last May
Western Grace

All other solo and side projects by various members of Lifesavers/L.S. Underground are still in the works, with releases happening soon.  Be on the look for Even Star by Michael Knott, a second album by Struck Last May, a debut album by Western Grace (with Joshua Lory of L.S. Underground and The Lifesavers), as well as Paravell’s An Evening of Stars and Dreams (with Rick McDonough of Struck Last May). See:

Hidden From Blackout
Hidden From Blackout’s website is up, and reporting that the new CD, Breakups and Fur Coats, should be ready by January 2009.  Currently, Rick is working with his graphics guy to get the artwork done, and then it’s off to duplication. See

King’s X
King’s X continues to tour to support their recent album, XV.  Plans were announced to record a DVD at the London stop of the tour.  See for more details.

The Lassie Foundation
The Lassie Foundation is back together and have put out a new 3 song ep on Northern Records.  See

The Society for the Purification of Grunge Music’s Tainted Image, Inc. wanted me to let you know that I should stop perpetrating false stereotypes about grunge, and that Grammatrain is technically Post-Grunge.  I like them no matter what Down the Line Magazine Issue 2 January 2009 style they are, so the SPGMTI can kiss my angst.

Windy Lyre
Windy Lyre’s new album, Overflow, is out now and is available through her MySpace page:

Starflyer 59
Starflyer 59 new album, Dial M, is also finally out.  Get the CD version from Tooth & Nail, or the vinyl version, with one bonus track, from Burnt Toast Vinyl. Bon Voyage has also recently put out a new album called Lies.  See:

4-4-1 reports they are still working on new album.  Out in a few months, it will feature live songs from the (somewhat) recent Broken Records Reunion concert and two new songs. Keep an eye on for updates.

Blackhouse is active on MySpace – very active.  Become friends with Blackhouse and get updates, insights, and even some bonus surprises from time to time.  In case you are wondering: “is this for real?”, then let the MySpace address answer your question:

Green Bracelet
Have you been thinking recently that you would really like to hear some new good guitar rock?  Check out Green Bracelet. They have a new CD called Home that was produced by none other than the legendary Michael Roe and recorded in Nashville with Derri Daugherty. Roe also plays guest guitar on some songs even. Green Bracelet says “his guitar playing style and his production ideas helped make this a strong rock-n-roll record!”

U2 have finally confirmed rumors that they are releasing a new CD next year, March 2nd to be exact. It will be called No Line on the Horizon, and you probably already know all of the details about it already, as well as own some bootlegged copies of it.  If I have to tell you what their website is, maybe you don’t get this internets thing…

The Lost Dogs
The Lost Dogs Glory Road Route 66 tour is over. Hours and Hours of footage are being editing for a future DVD release. A new CD is also in the works. Route 66 tour CDs are still for sale at the site, and the band still needs donations to cover the cost of making a new CD. See the dogs site for more details

Adam Again is still in the works and should be up and running soon. If you haven’t heard, Chenka-Chenka Music has a CD for sale of Gene’s last work before he passed away – including some unreleased songs. See for more details.

Hot Pink Turtle
Do you remember Hot Pink Turtle? They were definitely CCM’s odd band. Jamin Rathbun (lead singer of HPT) is still making music, but has also decided to put up everything by HPT and a few other bands he was in. By everything, I mean their one major album, the two demos before that, and a collection of songs they were putting together for a second album before R.E.X. Records bought the farm. Check out his site for mp3s, lyrics, and thoughts on each song:

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