Remembering Gene: Brian Doidge

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1) How did you first meet Gene?
I first met Gene at the Green Room. We had gone over there to do some recording, pre-Aunt Bettys stuff, he was the engineer and I knew he was in Adam Again. Yeah, I just met him through Michael (Knott) and recording at the Green Room.

2) What projects did you work with him on?
Aunt Betty’s, The Lifesavers “Huntington Beach” and Knott’s solo project “Rocket & A Bomb”. I remember working on “Rocket & A Bomb” Gene was laying down some piano, I was playing guitar, we were all there just recording. He was kind of quiet, really nice, he was a cool cat ya know, he could really play.

3) How do you think Gene impacted the music scene?
I’m not all that familiar with Adam Again’s music, but I know he was a good player, so I know that whatever he did it was good. I remember going into the studio, Gene was playing piano… I don’t think that was even his main instrument, but it was really good, I was impressed by him as a musician.

4) Three words to describe Gene?
Quiet, humble and talented. Ya know sometimes people just have that kind of spirit, he was mellow, just easy to hang out with. There was no pressure, he was just a musician, and he opened his house to us. We didn’t always treat it with respect, we were messing it up, but he even let me stay there for a couple of weeks in one of the back bedrooms when I was between places and that was really cool, so he was generous as well.

5) How did Gene influence you?
Ya know, you always like those people who come off humble, you like that kind of musician. They know they’re good, but they’re not trying to push it on anybody. I just remember that quiet spirit and a good musician.

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