Remembering Gene: Jason Martin

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1) When/how did you first meet Gene?
I first met Gene when we were tracking our first album in ‘93 at the Green Room. I had seen Adam Again a few times before that, but never had talked to him. He would come in here and there to listen to stuff… I just thought he was some old guy that didn’t know what we were doing… Looking back I was the guy that didn’t know what we were doing! I think he was 31 or 32 at the time.. real old 🙂

2) What projects were you involved in with him?
He recorded, mixed and produced our 3rd, 4th, and 5th albums.

3) How do you think Gene shaped and impacted the music scene?
I think he influenced a lot of the early Christian music scene, definitely influenced me… I do al ot of recording and mixing these days, and I think of Gene every time I am doing it… I learned allot from him, not just about how to mic drums, (I did that too) but how to work with people and make them feel comfortable. Gene was a big picture guy when it came to making records, he had a way of controlling the project so as to not get bogged down with the little things…if some part wasn’t happening he would just say lets move on and we’ll fix it later…most of the time we never did, but he usually had a way of knowing what parts were gonna work before you killed yourself playing or singing them a million times.

4) Three words that you would use to describe Gene
I don’t know 3 words that would describe him exactly, but he was who he was and there was no one else like him.

5) As a friend of yours, how did Gene influence you?
I probably answered most of that in question 3….The whole way I look at making music has been influenced by Gene, he was a good friend and I miss him.

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