where, what, why And How

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Sean and I talk about his new record entitled where, what, why And How. Check out the podcast then check out the record https://andhow1.bandcamp.com/  

Catching Up With Dw. Dunphy

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Dw. Dunphy has been busy lately. He’s put out a Cassette, a 7″ vinyl and is about to launch volume 3 of the Co-Op Communique. We chat about this and the state of the music business.   http://dwdunphy.net/

Jeff Elbel WSHO Interview.

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  I interviewed Jeff Elbel on WSHO. Played a couple of songs from “Gallery” and he talked about the new Jeff Elbel + Ping record. Find out more about Jeff Elbel @ http://marathonrecords.com/

Theo Obrastoff WSHO Interview

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  I interviewed Theo on WSHO about his upcoming Rock Opera. Visit Theo @ http://www.andysangelsrecords.org/

And How “Seven”

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We talk to the ever prolific Sean Severson about the new And How recording “Seven” and play a couple of the tunes. The album is free to download at andhow1.bandcamp.com.    

Theo Obrastoff – The Blue Fuse

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We talk with Theo Obrastoff about his new project “The Blue Fuse”, his video series “NightSongs”, and his obsession with the Christmas season. http://www.andysangelsrecords.org/home/

Talking with Josh Lory about the new Knott Tribute

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Volume 1 of the Down The Line Michael Knott tribute will be released soon. Josh and I talk about the comp and all things Knott. Good stuff!

Theo Obrastoff’s Christmas In The Churchyard Radio Special

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PRESS RELEASE: CHRISTMAS IN THE CHURCHYARD is available for pre-order at Andy’s Angels Records. Important note! The album will be available November first via Bandcamp for digital download. However, if you would like the physical CDR signed and delivered or … Continued