Dann Gunn’s “Where The Story Goes” Releases Later in April

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From Dann Gunn: “Hard copies of my project ‘Where The Story Goes’ have been ordered and will be here in something under two weeks.

You may have heard some of it here, on Soundcloud, etc. Everything has been remixed and mastered. No, I did not engage in overcompressing everything for the sake of volume.

CDs will feature full color art with 8 songs. Price is $6, plus $4 shipping. But wait, you will also receive a copy of ‘…losing steam’, a 9 song classic dg CD from 1997. So you’re looking at 17 songs on two CDs for a total of ten bucks…

Transactions will go through PayPal unless you want to send a check, I guess…if you can’t stand it and want to go ahead and order, the PaylPal account is: danngunn00@gmail.com

They should be shipping out in mid April or so.