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After Eleven

Alternative Rock
Pennsylvania, USA

After Eleven formed in October 1985, and played their first show the following Spring at George Washington University.

Initially a five-piece band, After Eleven hastily recruited keyboardist Ken Blackmon (a GWU student) to join the band for just that first show in the Spring of 1986. (Why? It's kind of a long story). Original lead singer Chris Daniels left the band later that year, while guitarist Keith Avellino departed the following year, leaving the band a trio. United by the power of rock, the three remaining members (guitarist Doug Davidson, bassist Bill Gallagher, and drummer Mike Ling) would go on to play to dozens of people in churches, clubs, colleges, barns, fairgrounds, and prisons throughout the Philadelphia area (and sometimes outside it) over the next five years.

Sadly, they broke up in 1992. They briefly reunited in 1997 for their 11th anniversary but have not been heard from since.


It's About Time

1989 Independent

William Gallagher: bass, vocals
Doug Davidson: guitars, vocals
Mike Ling: drums, percussion

Recorded and mixed at Morning Star Studios, Spring House, Pennsylvania, July / August 1989
Cover photo by Peter Morgan
Inner photo by Tricia Pilkington

  1. You Don't Know Me (Gallagher)
  2. Lightning (Gallagher)
  3. Nothin' to You (Davidson)
  4. Private I (Davidson)
  5. Overflow (Davidson)
  6. Running Out (Gallagher)
  7. Black and White (Davidson)
  8. Nova Huta (Davidson)
  9. St. Peter's Village (Gallagher)
  10. Beach Tags (After Eleven)

Compilation Appearances

Song on Notebored Sampler (19??):
05) Black and White