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Are We Not Men? We Are Demo!

Genre:Alternative Rock
Label:R.E.X. Music
Producer:Tyler Bacon

Are We Not Men? We Are Demo! is a collection of unreleased demo songs by various artists released by R.E.X. Music in 1995. It is the third collection of demos by R.E.X.

Track Listing
  1. “Shades of Grey” - Rocketboy
  2. “Tangent” - Four Living Creatures
  3. “Mood Ring” - Mood Ring
  4. “Midnight Rain” - Caprill
  5. “Thorns” - Eyes Wide Open
  6. “Dewback” - Snappy
  7. “Throughim” - Jesus Flying Rocketship
  8. “Zen Apathy” - Sudden Heaven
  9. “Sipping Dust” - Mr. i
  10. “Purity” - Jawbone Hill
  11. “Father Boy” - Agatha Parker Sterling

Very little information is given for each band. Most of them only have a contact address listed. Rocketboy and Four Living Creatures are both listed as having full length records coming out on R.E.X. Music in early 1996.