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Army of Love

Alternative Rock
San Diego, California, USA

Army of Love was formed in 1983 by Mark McCoy, Jeff Bloom, and Ivan Knight as a power trio. Jonny Kat had just disbanded. Bloom was 17 years old and too young to play in clubs. Tony Creed took interest in the band and started managing and producing them. The band played schools, parties, and some teen clubs. Their biggest gig was opening for R.E.M. to a packed house at the Del Mar Fair.

Tony Creed Produced Army of Love's album in Malibu at Denni Dragon's (Surf Punks) Studio. When it was released, their songs “Exodus” and “Kingdom Rockin” (featuring “The Fowler Brothers” on Horns) were added to playlists (Heavy Rotation) on 91X and KROQ. At some point, Tommy Andrews joined the band on guitar.

In 1984, Army of Love was voted Best Band of the Year in San Diego. They played the Spirit Club, Now, Brick by Brick, and many other clubs in San Diego and Los Angeles.

In 1985 Army of Love played live with The Kinks at a show that sold out - over 4000 seats. Randy Willert joined the band on drums. Tony Creed took he band back in the studio. Several songs were recorded but remain unreleased. At least one song - “Warm Sunny Day” - was added to the 91x playlist.

Army of Love relocated to Los Angeles in 1986. They did song recording at Cherokee Studios with with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter producing. Pat Benatar was recording in the next studio.

In 1987 Army of Love moved back to San Diego.


1983 Army of Love Squadron Records

Army of Love

1983 Squadron Records

Mark McCoy - Lead vocals, guitar
Jeffrey Harris - Bass, backing vocals
Ivan Knight - Drums, percussion, backing vocals

  1. King of All
  2. Yaweh
  3. Kingdom Rockin'
  4. Exodus
  5. Vine Dresser
  6. It's Friday