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Back to Jordan

Alternative Rock
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

This is the band that Dan Donovan started out in before forming Tribe of Dan and then going solo.


1986 Back to Jordan
1987 Voice in the Wilderness Tunnel Records

Back to Jordan

1986 Indepedent

  1. Set Me Free
  2. It Means Nothing
  3. Breaking Hearts
  4. Cold
  5. Crying

Voice in the Wilderness

1987 Tunnel Records

Dan Donovan – Guitars, lead vocals
John Cook – Bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Words”
JR Lamoot – Drums, emax, and stikclix

  1. All Alone
  2. So Dirty
  3. Words
  4. Black Gets Black, White Gets Whiter
  5. Touch
  6. Learning From You
  7. Voice
  8. Return Trip