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Big Slam


“Thought you've heard it all?! BiG SLAM is the “Hypest Hip-Hop, Hitting Harder than Ever”. Straight out of Va. Beach, Va., but representing Liberty University. We are releasing our second project entitled “One Fear”, and giving glory to God with every rhyme. You've got to check out the theme song “One Fear” on the audio clip, and send us an e-mail of your response. You can also get information on getting the new CD! It's ten songs of the most Rap rolling, Christ believing, Rn'B singing, and Hip-Hop heaving you'll ever experience. Joy Bennett, Ben Dillon, Danny Dillon, and Mike Tribus make up BiG SLAM (Believers in God serving Lord and man). By God's grace, we've been at this for four years, and know that it is getting better with every song. We travel mainly on the East Coast from Connecticut down to Florida, doing mostly weekend concerts, special events, conferences, conventions, and block parties. We're constantly looking for new places to represent God, and show everyone what it's like to be a sold-out artist. So check us out, you may find yourself having “One Fear”!!!”



Eternal Rhymes


One Fear