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Big Sur

Alternative Rock
Glasgow, Scotland

“In 1986 Andy Thornton (formerly of Rattling the Cage) formed a sophisticated pop trio based in Glasgow called Big Sur. 'I always wanted to play music full time and in the '80s I left my job as a Church of Scotland youth worker to play music and try 'make it' with my band which led to something of a dead-end rock and roll apprenticeship though I did sign to Chrysalis as a writer and learnt to express myself in songs as something of a second nature.'

The vaguaries of the mainstream pop world were neatly demonstrated when Chrysalis released Big Sur's 12 inch single 'Please Stay.' Record Mirror named it 'record of the week' while, the same week, NME called it a 'vile, disgusting whinge.' Big Sur broke up in 1989. Andy became involved in the alternative worship movement and contributed regularly to the Late Late Service, the Glasgow-based collective whose events and albums on Sticky Music were pioneering in bringing the dance rhythms of clubland to the worship experience.” from CrossRhythms


1987 Catch Me I'm Falling [single] Hands Like Feet
1987 Please Stay [single] Hands Like Feet
1988 Doing the Rounds '88 Hands Like Feet

Catch Me I'm Falling

1987 Hands Like Feet (HLF001)

  1. Catch Me I'm Falling (5:09)
  2. Please Stay (4:31)
  3. Dancing on the High Wire (3:38)

Please Stay

1987 Hands Like Feet (HLF002)

  1. Please Stay (4:20)
  2. Dancing on the High Wire (3:38)

Doing the Rounds '88

1988 Hands Like Feet (HLF003)

  1. Please Stay
  2. Dancing on the High Wire
  3. Caught in the Motion
  4. Catch Me I'm Falling