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Bones of Adam

Rapcore Metal
Grand Rapids, MI


1995 Nickels Wurfa Neckbones
199? Spiritual Food for Carnal Minds

Nickels Wurfa Neckbones

1995 Independent

John - Guitar
Dale - Guitar
“Mirf” - Vocals
Jim - Drums
Jeremy - Bass

  1. Cranial Cowboys
  2. Jeremiah Phunkbone
  3. Broken
  4. In God We Trust and Here's a Buck to Prove It
  5. Big Chicken Dinner
  6. Crawl (bonus unproduced track)
  7. [unlisted track]

Spiritual Food for Carnal Minds

199? Independent

  1. Insaecula Saeculorum
  2. This Hunger
  3. Crawl