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Brother Grimm

Alternative Rock
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Members of this band were once the heavy metal band Revelation. From their ReverbNation bio: “Brother Grimm was formed in Jupiter Florida in the summer of 1990 (or was it 91?).Playing around the West Palm area on down to Miami for a few years they started to develop their sound and style onstage and offstage. Relentlessly recording over the next few years at Studio Center in Miami with the genius touch of the MIGHTY Engineering skills of the superhero known as MIKE DISHER. Brother Grimm finally released their first full length recording called Tales. Constantly pushing on with better gigs and east coast touring behind Tales they developed a strong following and were approached to take the band out of the swamp and into the city of Philadelphia. Within 2 weeks and after completing the new recording sessions known as Cabana Colony they took the risk and made their way to the city of brotherly love.”

Bob Gajarsky review of Brother Grimm's Tales: “Out of the area in Florida known for fun and sun comes an unsigned band whose name is historically known for tales of sex and violence: Brother Grimm. Their self-described influences include The Beatles, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, and others. This eclectic grouping would obviously produce an unusual sound; I'd also throw in Pearl Jam and bands that border on the metal sound, such as Metallica, Rush, and Living Colour as comparative sounds. The song “Mother Tranquility” (which won 1st place in Fort Lauderdale's Video Awards) packs a solid punch with both music and lyrics. “Touch the horde / of selfish greed / trees wither in / anguish / amongst the roar / of a chainsaw” are just some of the lyrics which show a deeper level than in most of today's songs. “Ichabod” takes a Jean Michel-Jarre sounding keyboards and melds them with Michael Roy's distinctive vocals to make a killer track. Roy's voice, which at times sounds like Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) or James Hetfield (Metallica), has helped catapult the area to rave reviews in the Palm Beach Gardens area. The band has also generated publicity in that area for sharing its excess studio time with other local bands. According to keyboardist Dan Gindin, the close ties between the bands helps. “There's good support and good gigs,” says Gindin. “We're (the area bands) all supportive of each other, but the Palm Beach area isn't known for its music.” That's true; the media types who aren't still gushing over Seattle are camping out in San Diego or Athens, often unwilling to venture into uncharted territories like Palm Beach. If given a shot, Brother Grimm is the kind of band that could garner a large, loyal dedicated following. Rather than spend the next $10 on the next hyped band from Seattle, spend $6 and get Brother Grimm's Tales. You'll be glad you did. ….”