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Chris Yambar

Noise/Spoken Word

Visual artist and musician that has worked with Marc Plainguet, Johnny J. Blair, Terry McCabe (Spike), Radicals for Christ, Manna Underground Press, Artatak Studios, and Corpqii Arts. He also started The Furnace Room. His full bio can be found at


1991 Weird Outtakes Volume One Corpqii Music
1992 The Tale of Peeper Rabbit Corpqii Music with Marc Plainguet
2002 The Mr. Beat Experience Comic Library International

Weird Outtakes Volume One

1991 Corpqii Music

Marc Plainguet produced entire project as well as performed all music.

  1. Now I'd Like To Introduce…
  2. 3 Piece Suits or Don't Bother Me, I'm Sanctified
  3. Newave
  4. Consecration And Holiness
  5. I Surrender 95%
  6. The Night People
  7. Sidelines
  8. Phone Tag (Acid House Dance Mix)
  9. Easter Eggs
  10. Abyss Of Tears
  11. Building Houses
  12. 100% Pure Beef
  13. Eileen Vesper

Yambar and Marc Plainguet - The Tale of Peeper Rabbit

The Mr. Beat Experience

2002 Comic Library International