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Heavy Metal
Somersville, Connecticut, USA

Rob Rock has several solo albums, as well as performing for or as a member of bands such as Angelica, Impellitteri, Fires of Babylon, Joshua, and many others. Roy Z has also plated in Rob Rock's solo band as well as with other high profile musicians such as Bruce Dickinson.


1990 Driver EP Worldwide Records
2008 Sons of Thunder Metal Heaven
2012 Countdown RockZilla

Driver EP

1990 Worldwide Records

Rob Rock – Vocals
Roy Z – Guitars
Emil Brando – Bass
Bill Zappa – Drums

Greg Shultz – Keyboards Reynold Carlson – Drums

  1. Warrior
  2. Heart’s on Fire
  3. Only Love Can Save Me Now
  4. Fly Away
  5. I Believe in Love