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Ed Englerth

Hard Rock
Hastings, Michigan, USA

Ed Englerth was a member of the hard rock bands Armada and Preston. He also wrote and arranged the song “God in a Box” from Xalt's Dark War demo tape.


198? Ed Englerth Linear Action
1987 Ed Englerth's Linear Action Band Hit The Wall
198? Demo
1990 Rational Enquirer

Linear Action

198? Independent

  1. Juke Box
  2. Linear Action
  3. Empty Pockets
  4. Matter of Chance
  5. Whispering Heart
  6. Do You Love Me
  7. Never Too Late to Lose
  8. Is This America
  9. Trouble
  10. Real Love
  11. Linear Action
  12. Jesus is Calling You

Hit The Wall

1987 Independent

Ed Englerth - Lead vocals, BGVs on “Steal Your Heart”, bass, acoustic guitar, guitars
John Heald - Drums, BGVs, lead vocals on “Steal Your Heart”
The Frog - Lead guitar
Jim Erdman - Screams & shouts on “Stop Making Sense”
Roland Sunkins III - violin

  1. Hit the Wall
  2. Stop Making Sense
  3. At Night
  4. Bitter Mind
  5. I Can Go to You
  6. Injustice in a Fallen World
  7. Talk Show Metaphysics
  8. Mistaken Identity
  9. Where are We Now
  10. Steal Your Heart


198? Independent

Ed Englerth – Vocals, guitar, harmonica

  1. Sin Kills
  2. Curious
  3. Her Lips Said Yes as Her Heart Said No

Rational Enquirer

1990 Independent