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Exodus II

Hard Rock
Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA


1987 Peer Pressure
1987 Demo

Peer Pressure

1987 Independent

Tim Koch

  1. Still the Master
  2. Peer Pressure
  3. Forever
  4. Top Rock
  5. Chose Life
  6. Take Time to Pray
  7. Believe It


1987 Independent

Greg Synder - Lead vocals, lead guitar, backup vocals
Steve Klopp - Rhythm guitar, backup vocals, vocals on “Handstamp”
Kevin Wendt - Keyboards, backup vocals
John Noble - Bass
Peter Noble - Drums

Bryan Davis - Guest vocals on “Jesus,” backup vocals
Lynn Wheldon - Newsman

  1. Too Late
  2. Children of the Light
  3. I Wanna Know
  4. Handstamp
  5. Jesus