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 +====== Exodus ======
 +Hard Rock\\
 +Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
 +Exodus began in 1981 at a summer church youth camp called Big Ridge under the leadership of Filmore Strunk, senior pastor of Central Baptist Church of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was from this platform that the songwriting duo of Dennis Willard and John Hughes would find themselves forming a band with fellow high school buddies Chris Latham, Tim Fischer, Brian Fisher, David Williams, Todd McCoig, and Jeff Stooksbury.
 +Performing every weekend at area clubs such as The Extension and Azlan'​s Lair, the band grew quickly in popularity. After signing a record deal with [[Morada Records]] in Nashville and Los Angeles, and touring extensively throughout the Southeast, things moved at lightning speed within the first year for a band that was virtually unknown and whose roster consisted simply of a group of teenagers approaching high school graduation.
 +Opening in concert for Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, David Meece, Andrus Blackwood and Co., and many others, a following for the band's songs developed very quickly due to songs like "​Praise to the Father,"​ "​Promised Land," "​Greater,"​ and "How Do You Feel," all of which had been released on the bands debut album //The Turning Point// in 1983 on [[Morada Records]].
 +===== Discography =====
 +| 1983 | The Turning Point | [[Morada Records]] |
 +==== The Turning Point ====
 +1983 [[Morada Records]] (MZS 085)
 +David Williams - Lead guitar, vocals\\
 +Dennis Willard - Rhythm guitar, vocals\\
 +John Hughes - Keyboards, vocals\\
 +Jeff Stooksbury - Bass, keyboards, vocals\\
 +Tim Fischer - Drums, percussion
 +  - Greater
 +  - Every Time
 +  - Same Old Sign
 +  - Praise to the Father
 +  - Here I Am
 +  - The Turning Point
 +  - Man With the Key
 +  - Promised Land
 +  - Light to the Right
 +  - You're the One