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Fields of Youth

Alternative Rock
Peoria, Illinois, USA

Brad Avery of Third Day was a member of this band before he joined Third Day.


1992 Secret Things
1993 The Embrace Marathon Records

Secret Things

1992 Independent

Kerry Cox – Vox, keyboards
Brad Avery – Guitar demigod, BGV
Dan Aeschliman – Bass, almost all BGV
Tom Elmore – Groove

  1. Get Me Somewhere
  2. Public Eye
  3. Secret Things
  4. Still Be Mine
  5. Cheesin' Hardcore

The Embrace

1993 Marathon Records

Kerry Cox – Vox
Brad Avery – Six string, fiddle
Dan Aeschliman – Bass
Tom Elmore – Groove

  1. Time
  2. The Embrace
  3. Child's Eye
  4. Still Be Mine
  5. Joy of Discipline
  6. Wake Me Up
  7. Secret Things
  8. Public Eye
  9. Fear to Fly