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Flat Earth Artists

Name: Flat Earth Artists
Founded: 19s
Founder: Ken Roberts
Country: San Antonio, TX, USA

Situation Taboo was a founding member of Flat Earth Artists, a collection of Texas Christian musicians and artists that included Shot Heard Round the Bloc, Chris Taylor & Windows, and Sixpence None the Richer. Chris Taylor & Windows included Matt Slocum, and changed their name to Love Coma. Robbie Vincent was also the bass player. One advertisement laid out the vision for the group:

“Flat Earth is not a label, Flat Earth is a grouping of unsigned south Texas artists seeking integrity in music, truth in life, and a collective voice. To our fans and supporters nationwide: thank you. Send SASE for catalogue and info on our Flat Earth newsletter, The Coffeehouse Review. Look for reps Chris Taylor and Phil Lovelady wandering around C-stone. Selah.”

Other publications had various write-ups about the group:

“Arts co-operative that supported the early careers of performing and visual artists in the San Antonio / Austin / Dallas corridor in the early 1990s.”

“Flat Earth has been formed to sidestep their frustration with labels, work together, fellowship, and more. “We're laying a good solid foundation. We want to protect ourselves from the 'Big Bad Wolves' (labels) which are a disappointment in a Christian crowd.” Chris Taylor added, “We have a vision of what it can become, but no specifics … Christian festivals … we certainly have the land for it!” They have a publication - the voice of the Flat Earth artists - titled The Coffeehouse Review.”

“Flat Earth Artists could surprise us with a collection of the best songs by independents like Love Coma, Sixpence None the Richer, Situation Taboo, and others. Individual releases by these artists are also expected throughout next year.”