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 Punk Rock\\ Punk Rock\\
 Orange County, California, USA / Chicago, Illinois, USA Orange County, California, USA / Chicago, Illinois, USA
 +Headnoise, founded in 1994, is a Christian punk rock band. They were on the forefront of the Southern California-based "JCHC" (Jesus Christ Hard Core) underground movement, along with [[Officer Negative]], following in the footsteps of bands like [[The Crucified]], [[Nobody Special]], and [[Scaterd Few]].
 +The band is characterized as being extremely bold and uncompromising about their faith, with guitar-driven, powerfully fast, yet sophisticated hardcore punk music and provocative Christian lyrics. Their songs deal with a range of themes including modern pragmaticism, social injustice, personal struggles, and practical spiritual insights.
 +Originally based in Orange County, California, Headnoise relocated to Chicago in the year 2000 to join Jesus People USA (aka "JPUSA"), an intentional Christian community and urban ministry. There, they became one of the top bands on the JPUSA-run record label, [[Grrr Records]]. The band also became a mainstay at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois where they became the only band to play every single year following their first appearance.
 +After a decade of touring and releasing five albums, Headnoise announced their retirement in the winter of 2005, citing a desire to focus on their families and other ministry callings. However, the band did re-form shortly thereafter with only the Goodwins as original members. This incarnation lasted from 2011 to 2012, resulting in sparse shows and one short tour. The band never did write and record the long-awaited follow-up release to their last record, //For Now We Know In Part:1//. Headnoise has reformed as of 2017 and are playing shows again with a new lineup.
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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 +===== Links =====
 +  * [[|Headnoise on BandCamp]]
 +  * [[|Grrrr Records Band Page]]