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Techo/Alternative Rock

Formed in Australia in 1983 - iDeA were a techno rock 4 piece who toured extensively around Australia. Band Members were: Rod Boucher, Billy Nielson, Steve Lyne & Darryl Thompson.

They released their early music the mainstream Powderworks label - the same label that Midnight Oil were on. They opened for Leon Patillo in Australia in the mod-80s.


1984 Turn Up the Tapes ‎(single) Powderworks
1985 Stone Sharpens the Blade (EP) Powderworks
1985 Eve of Destruction ‎(single) Powderworks
1986 Now That We Found Out ‎(single) Powderworks
1986 Now is the Time ‎(EP) Priority

Turn up the Tapes

1984 Powderworks (POW 0239)

  1. Turn up the Tapes (2:48)
  2. The Other Side (3:10)

Stone Sharpens the Blade

1985 Powderworks ‎(POWT 2015)

  1. Lucky One
  2. Voice Crying in the Wilderness
  3. Now That We Found Out
  4. Daring
  5. Light the Light
  6. As the World Turns
  7. Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction

1985 Powderworks (POW 0282)

  1. Eve of Destruction (3:56)
  2. Come to Me (4:01)

Now That We Found Out

1986 Powderworks (POW 0341)

  1. Now That We Found Out
  2. As the World Turns

Now is the Time

1986 Priority (X 14288)

  1. Now is the Time
  2. Stand Up and Be Counted (3:04)
  3. Glide
  4. The Reason