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 Power Metal\\ Power Metal\\
 Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia
 +Since the end of 1992, Ignite have released the demo //1994//. That was followed up by a series of compilation albums which culminated in the release of //The Cracked Mirror// CD through [[Rowe Productions]] in 1995. The launch of this CD saw Ignite embark on a national tour to promote their debut release.
 +"The Cracked Mirror" video was completed just prior to the national tour and found itself on video programs around the world. Australia has witnessed it on RAGE while countries such as Germany and Canada also embraced it with a healthy attitude.
 +Sales for both releases were very strong, with //1994// selling 3 pressings and still going strong. //The Cracked Mirror// sold out within 12 months and a second pressing is being planned.
 +At the end of 1995 after a long and hectic touring schedule, Peter, co-founding member and lead guitarist, was forced to leave with fatigue and a life threatening illness. This saw the arrival of Dave Johnstone and Phil Lake! By the end of March 96 Derek, frustrated with menial bickering within the ranks, closed the book on Ignite and it would seem that the band had played its final gig.
 +While looking for a new band, Dave discovered Peter and Phil jamming at Warehouse studios Sydney. Dave then gave Derek a call and the rest is history. 
 +Their music was originally described as Doom Rock with comparisons being drawn to Dio, Danzig, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and even Pink Floyd. Since the injection of Peter and Phil creatively, Ignites sound sits comfortably in the thrash / doom genre. Pantera and Metallica are the bands that spring to the lips of all those whom hear the oral onslaught of the new look Ignite.
 +The band's name was changed to Draxsen to avoid a conflict of interest with a US hardcore group also called Ignite.
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
 +| 1993 | In the Midst of a Scream |
 | 1994 | Demo | | 1994 | Demo |
 | 1995 | The Cracked Mirror EP | [[Rowe Productions]] | | 1995 | The Cracked Mirror EP | [[Rowe Productions]] |
 +==== In the Midst of a Scream ====
 +1993 Independent
 +  - In the Midst of a Scream
 +  - Death Before Life
 ------ ------
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 1994 Independent 1994 Independent
 +Derek Garland - Bass, vocals\\
 +Peter Taylor - Guitar, vocals\\
 +Ric Thomas - Drums
   - Sanctuary   - Sanctuary