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John R. Williamson

Acoustic / Folk / Experimental
Claremont, California, USA

John Williamson was a musician and editor of The Grape Vine underground Christian 'zine.


1990 Gunshots at 9:50
1992 Do I Dare to Eat a Peach? Sonic Hope Records
1993 Canvas of Blue Sonic Hope Records
1993 Make a Songwriter Happy Sonic Hope Records
199? Sketches Sonic Hope Records

Gunshots at 9:50

1990 Independent

John R. Williamson – Vocals, instruments

This collection of songs, readings, and spoken word works was on the back of the Gunshots at 9:50 demo that Williamson traveled to California to record with Scottie Joel Cooper. This recording was probably added when Williamson made a copy of their session to send to Cooper, and he decided to add something to side B.

  1. [hello Scottie]
  2. Let Go
  3. Stew Dents
  4. Passing Property
  5. [reading a letter]
  6. Stalemates [spoken word]
  7. This Dirt Hurts
  8. [did you ever get my letter?]
  9. [bass jam]
  10. [randomness]
  11. Victoria Williams - Holy Spirit

Canvas of Blue

1993 Sonic Hope Records

John R. Williamson – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

Chad Edmunson – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
David Finley – Vocals on “Where Did the Doctor Go?”
Eric Paulsen – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum,” boost guitar on “Chess With Death”
Michael Knepher – Strumming and croaking on “A Humdrum Conundrum”
Korby Paulsen – Drums on “Temecula”

  1. Danish Straightjacket
  2. Bigger Than Blue
  3. Our Guilt-Ridden Alchemist
  4. Chess With Death
  5. Where Did the Doctor Go?
  6. Temecula
  7. A Humdrum Conundrum
  8. Juggler Treading Water
  9. Captivity
  10. Move It Along
  11. Arise
  12. Sarah and Abraham
  13. Landing in a Family
  14. Testimony in the Mother Tongue