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Hard Rock
Ohio, USA


1988 Juso
1988 Who So
1990 Live on Broadway


1988 Independent

  1. Show Me the Way
  2. Don’t Wait
  3. Watch a Wall Fall
  4. Obsession
  5. Gonna Have to Pray
  6. Do You Know
  7. What Happened to Your Love
  8. That’s What You Do
  9. Jesus Will See You Through

Who So

1988 Independent

  1. Where Do You Think You're Going?
  2. Into the Heart
  3. No Safe Place to Stop
  4. The Crying Child
  5. Living in His Love
  6. Play Me a Song
  7. Celebrate You
  8. Keep on Fighting

Live on Broadway

1990 Independent

  1. Give It Up
  2. Stolen Waters
  3. Do You Know (The Power of Love)?
  4. Prisoner of War