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King James and the Concordances

Rock / Punk Rock / Alternative Rock
Miami, Florida, USA

“The mad adventures of everybody’s favorite King and his cohorts Turtle Alonzo, Headlight Rodriguez, and Toast R. Oven.”

Project by Julio Rey of The Lead and Frank’s Enemy.


The Authorized Version

1987 Son Sessions/Three Equals One

Turtle Alonzo
Headlight Rodriguez
Toast R. Oven

  1. Don’t Wanna Be No Gumby
  2. Mission to Mexico
  3. Johnny’s in a Cult
  4. Peabody Went to High School
  5. Movies About Jesus
  6. Last of the Nubs
  7. The Monastery
  8. Gumby gets the Bends
  9. Mexican Dub
  10. Singalongjohnny
  11. Talkin' Bout Run DMC
  12. The Last Temptation of Toast R Oven
  13. The Ugly, the Good, and the Bad
  14. Yretsanom Eht

“All the original wacky hijinks, ripped and noise-reduced from the original 1987 cassette master with digital booklet including all original artwork and actual photos of the two guilty parties.

Musical styles in order of appearance are punk, reggae with a touch of mariachi, old school hardcore when it wasn’t old school with a touch of eastern dissonance, 70s style funk, classic rock when it wasn’t classic drenched in Neil Young guitar strangulation, country with a touch of spoken word, and Gregorian chant with no detectable intelligible actual words.” (From

I Do

1990 Vertical Take Off Music (VTO2004)

Headlight Rodriguez
Turtle Alonzo
Toast R. Oven

  1. Yo! Suarez
  2. Could You Be?
  3. Waking up with My Baby
  4. “Lover”
  5. And I Cried
  6. Talking Bout Your Church
  7. King James Hop
  8. De New Age
  9. Married People
  10. Gonna Buy Me a Bride