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-====== Kings '​n ​Priests ======+====== Kings-N-Priests ======
-Hard Rock+Heavy Metal\\ 
 +Minneapolis,​ Minnesota, USA 
 +The members of this band were previously in a band called "​Jealous"​ that warmed up for such national bands as [[Guardian]],​ [[Barren Cross]], [[Whitecross]],​ [[X-Sinner]],​ and Greg X Volz. Many fond memories of tearing up the New Union in Minneapolis are held dear by the band members and others who were a part of the magic that was "​Jealous."​ 
 +The project "Kings N Priests"​ is an outgrowth of the music created by the members of Jealous and a reminder of the good times we had together.
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====