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Reinhold Sauerbrey formed Küstenfeuer (English meaning: “shore light”) after he finished junior high. Küstenfeuer toured all around Germany in the early nineties, playing more than 300 concerts. In 1993 they recorded Zukunftskinder (English meaning: “children of the future”), with Jim Foster from Nashville producing.



1993 Independent

Reinhold Sauerbrey - Lead vocals
Roland Sauerbrey - Bass, vocals
Friedhard Sauerbrey - Guitar, vocals
Ilse Sauerbrey - Keyboards, vocals
Helmut Sauerbrey - Drums, vocals

  1. Varwort Unterwegs
  2. Zukunftskinder
  3. Zwischen zwei Welten
  4. Leben erleben
  5. Soldat
  6. Stadt der Gnade
  7. Anna
  8. Afrika
  9. Wann immer
  10. Du bist die Macht