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Meepo & The Coagulators

Alternative Funk Punk
Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

One mention of Meepo online: “Redemption is planning a mini-tour this summer from approx. June 22nd through July ?? including a four day stop at Cornerstone. During this we will have along with us Meepo and the Coagulators (Christian Garage/Rock/Punk) and Unity 3 (Rap), hopefully to appeal to a variety of musical tastes. We will also be available throughout the rest of the summer, (with or without Unity 3 and Meepo and the Coagulators)”


1989 Coagulation Across the Nation
19?? The Elastic Lamb Chow Boogie
19?? Miracles & Things & Stuff

Coagulation Across the Nation

1989 Independent

  1. Tubular Destruction
  2. Stuff Like That
  3. The Ole Switcheroo
  4. Schizzo
  5. Will's Song
  6. Dizzy Adolesents
  7. Throw Out the Food
  8. I Declare

The Elastic Lamb Chow Boogie

19?? Independent

Miracles & Things & Stuff

19?? Independent

Songs include:

  • Stuff Like That
  • Tubular Destruction
  • Revolution
  • I'm Not Kidding
  • Throw Out the Food
  • Dizzy Adolescents