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Lake City, Tennessee, USA

Omega started out as a band made up of the brothers Sam and Steve Holland. They had their first recording session in March 1991 in Lake City, Tennessee. In the early days, Omega was primarily Steve's project to make industrial music, with a little help from Sam. After recording four home-made tapes in the first year, Omega decided to break up in May 1992, and Steve went on to other music projects. However, in November 1992, Sam and Steve decided to re-form Omega. They recorded two more home-made tapes, then decided to retire Omega for good in May, 1993.

Steve, however, decided in October 1993 to continue Omega as a solo project. Although he cancelled it again the next month, he resumed this plan in July 1994, at which time he started sequencing music for what became the Reality EP. The EP was completed in January, 1995.

The music of Omega was described as aggro-synth industrial dance in the vein of Deitiphobia, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242.


1991 Joyful Noise
1991 Factory Dance
1991 No World Order
1992 Descent to Oblivion
1993 Daisy Chains for Jesus
1993 Factory Dance II
1995 Reality

Descent to Oblivion

1992 Independent


1995 Independent

  1. Reality
  2. Unforgivable
  3. Neuropa
  4. Cyberia
  5. Nothing At All