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 ====== Primary Censor ====== ====== Primary Censor ======
-Thrash ​/ Death Metal+Industrial ​Thrash Metal\\ 
 +Texas, USA 
 +Sometimes compared to [[Circle of Dust]], Primary Censor mixed a hardcore edge and energy with industrial. They were gaining a lot of exposure and popularity in the Texas area before getting "on the wrong track" and breaking up as a result. They were about the sign with [[R.E.X. Music]] when the band broke up. 
 +Matt Wright went on to form [[Coarse]] and [[Abstain]]. Eric Shirey joined Wright in [[Coarse]], and was also a part of [[The Bumpus Hounds]] before joining Primary Censor. 
 +Eric Shirey ​ - Vocals\\ 
 +Matt Wright - Guitars\\ 
 +Stuart Lillard - Drums
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====