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Lakewood, California, USA

Originally started off under the name of Destiny. From Facebook: “Psalter released their album on cassette tape in 1983 - THIRTY FIVE years ago! HMEA Records released a limited edition CD in 2009.

One unique characteristic of Psalter was that their music encompassed a wide variety of styles. They could go from a very hard rock sound, to surfer, to jungle music, to a virtual lullaby. However, each song had a consistent, unapologetic evangelistic message.”


1983 Look Ahead Harpazo! Ministries

Look Ahead

1983 Harpazo! Ministries (HM-007)

Paula Leonti - Lead vocals
Carla Paul - Lead vocals, keyboards
Steve Mount - Lead guitar, vocals
Steve Hauser - Rhythm guitar, vocals
Kevin Hauser - Bass guitar, vocals
Tony Hernandez - Drums, vocals

  1. Look Ahead
  2. What is Your Will?
  3. Jenny
  4. John 8:36
  5. Empty Heart
  6. Freddy the Surfer
  7. How Long?
  8. What You've Done to Me
  9. Homecoming
  10. He's Always There
  11. Invitation