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 1985 Independent 1985 Independent
-Scottie Joel Cooper - Vocals, bongos, harmonica, and other various noises+Scottie Joel Cooper - Vocals, ​Moroccan ​bongos, harmonica, and other various noises 
 +This was described as "a pseudo-Beatnik recording"​ of Cooper reciting his poetry. It was recorded with a boombox at a cosmetology school on Halloween for fun. Cooper was later licensed to do hair at the same cosmetology school.
   - Metaphysical [poem]   - Metaphysical [poem]
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 Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds\\ Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds\\
 [others?] [others?]
 +This was recorded in Cooper'​s bedroom with a boombox. Cooper used his Dad's saw and a wooden spoon on some of the pieces.
   - U2’s “New Years Day”   - U2’s “New Years Day”
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 1987 Independent 1987 Independent
 +This recording was never released after it was recorded, and existed only on the second side of the master [[Dethdoor]] tape. The title was based on the idea that somebody needed to patrol humanity.
   - For God So Loved the World   - For God So Loved the World