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Stevie & The Saints

Blues Rock
Los Angeles, California, USA

“Stevie was always an enigma. He tells the story of never playing an instrument until praying at an altar and seeing a vision of himself on a stage playing guitar. He and the Saints (John Tinker on drums and Kenny Kuehn on Bass guitar) appeared at a time when rock music was beginning to make a break thru in the Christian community although many church leaders still accused those involved with rock as “worldly.” And on the other hand, there would be no massive acceptance for a band that wasn't interested the “Sex, Drugs” part of “Sex,Drugs and Rock 'n Roll.” One of his songs captured his dilemma perfectly, “You're too saintly for the sinners, and the saints can't stand your face.”

However whenever they played to a secular audience, Stevie would have the entire audience in the palm of his hand the moment he wielded his red stratocaster and blistered a staccato-machine gun like volley of a combination of Blues and Van Halen like guitar pyrotechnics. He was in the league of guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Van Halen, but would never have the opportunity to rise to the level he deserved.”



1987 Victoria Ltd (VCC-006)

Steve Olsen - Vocals, lead guitar
Ken Kane - Bass guitar
Ralph Clayton - Keyboards
John Tinker - Drums

Kathy Jameson - Backing vocals
Maureen Kelly - Backing vocals

  1. We are the Saints
  2. Saint's Boogie
  3. Code Name: Jesus
  4. One in One-Hundred
  5. Don't Knock the Rock
  6. Talkin 'Bout Love
  7. Jehovah Jirah
  8. Prisoner of Love

Eye on the Prize

1990 Victoria Ltd (VCC-011)

Steve Olsen – Vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica
Ken Roberts- Guitar, percussion
Tim Pope – Drums
Bob “Oil Can” Beeman – Piano

Suzie Cappetta – Lead vocals, backing vocals
Ralph Clayton – Bass guitar, organ, horn arrangements
Kathy Jameson – Backing vocals

  1. Power in the Blood
  2. Psalm 3
  3. Pass Me Not
  4. Rock and a Hard Place
  5. No Blooz Blooz
  6. Eye on the Prize
  7. Moment of Pleasure
  8. Ball & Chain
  9. Soldier of Fortune
  10. Wayfaring Stranger