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The Crucified

Crossover Thrash / Hardcore Punk
Fresno, California, USA

The Crucified is an American Christian hardcore and crossover thrash band from Fresno, California that formed in 1984. In late 1984, drummer Jim Chaffin, guitarist Greg Minier, bassist Kirk Palmer, and vocalist Wayne Stonecipher started a band named K.G.B. in Fresno, California. The four teens knew each other as high school classmates. The name K.G.B. had no meaning to it, the members just thought initials “sounded cool”. In early 1985, K.G.B. was looking for a new vocalist due to the departure of Stonecipher. Minier asked his friend Mark Salomon to try out as vocalist.

Salomon was accepted into the band after singing a few songs the band wrote with Stonecipher. Sensing pressure to have a meaning behind the name K.G.B., the band said the initials stood for Kids in God's Blessings. After almost a year of writing and practicing in the Palmer's living room, the band recorded 10 songs on a demo tape under the name K.G.B., but it was never circulated. Soon after, Kirk Palmer left the band and was replaced by his brother Trevor.

Not long after, the band thought the name K.G.B. sounded juvenile and changed it to The Crucified. The name came from Chaffin thinking of random names that would fit a Christian band. The Crucified added the Bible verse to the name whenever they wrote it. “For I have been crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

In 1986, The Crucified gathered together a small amount of money and recorded 15 songs on a tape named Take up Your Cross and distributed the demo throughout their local area and via mail order. Nailed, the band's second demo, was recorded the following year and the band's exposure continued to grow. Shortly after Nailed was recorded, the band members graduated from high school and Palmer left the group and was replaced by Mark Johnson. The band recorded Live at the New Order in March 1989.

Greg Sostrom saw The Crucified at a few shows and offered them a recording contract with his new start-up label, Narrowpath Records. The band accepted the offer and started to record songs at Casbah Studios in Southern California. The 15-track album was titled The Crucified. It was released in compact disc format, which was a new format in the late 1980s. After the album's release, the band started to tour around California, including appearances at the Cornerstone Festival as well as opening for D.R.I., G.B.H., and Pantera. Johnson was fired from the band due to personal differences and the guys started looking for a new bassist. Chaffin responded to an ad in a newspaper posted by Jeff Bellew, citing The Crucified as an influence. Bellew joined the band and drove for four hours from his home in So Cal to Fresno every weekend to practice. Eventually the drive became too costly, and he moved to Fresno to practice with the band.

After recruiting Bellew, the band started to write and record for their second studio album, The Pillars of Humanity. When the album was released 1991 on Ocean Records the band did not tour very much for the album. In 1992 the band was broken up, but 1993 is when the band announced their breakup. In 1995 the band reunited and played their final show at Cornerstone Festival.

Mark Salomon went on to record with Argyle Park, Chatterbox, Neon Horse, Outer Circle, Stavesacre, and White Lighter, as well as releasing a solo album as Native Son & The Foundation. Greg Minier has released solo albums as Minier and Applehead. Jeff Bellew has recorded with Argyle Park, Chatterbox, and Stavesacre. Jim Chaffin has recorde with Fasedown, The Blamed, Deliverance, and Once Dead. Mark Johnson went on to join Martyr.

In September 2008, the band was able to acquire their music from Ocean Records and put together a commemorative box-set released through Tooth & Nail Records on June 30, 2009. The band also began offering new merchandise on their website and MerchNow. And on November 17, 2009, Tooth & Nail Records re-released The Pillars of Humanity.

The band played their first show in 14 years on June 14, 2009 at the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, California, and also played at the Cornerstone Festival on the night of July 3, 2009.

The band performed their first show overseas on October 31, 2009 at the Nordic Festival in Oslo, Norway.


1985 K.G.B. K.G.B.
1986 The Crucified Take Up Your Cross
1987 The Crucified Nailed
1989 The Crucified Live at the New Order
1989 The Crucified The Crucified Pure Metal Records / Narrowpath Records
1991 The Crucified The Pillars of Humanity Ocean Records
1993 The Crucified Nailed / Take Up Your Cross (reissues) Tooth & Nail Records
1994 The Crucified The Crucified (reissue) Tooth & Nail Records
1999 The Crucified The Power of God Rotting Audio Records
2009 The Crucified The Complete Collection Tooth & Nail Records
2009 The Crucified The Pillars of Humanity (reissue) Tooth & Nail Records
2011 The Crucified The Pillars of Humanity Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains
2012 The Crucified Nailed (vinyl reissue) Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains
2013 The Crucified The Crucified (vinyl reissue) Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains


1985 Independent

Mark Salomon - Vocals
Greg Minier - Guitar
Kirk Palmer - Bass, keyboards
Jim Chaffin - Drums

  1. Apathy (1:12)
  2. All You Need (2:03)
  3. Jesus (0:04)
  4. We’re in a War (2:09)
  5. G.O.D. (1:40)
  6. Crucify Me (2:23)
  7. He is the Reason (2:17)
  8. I’m Not Afraid (Of Nuclear War) (1:36)
  9. Bummer (1:49)
  10. I Am (1:02)

Take Up Your Cross

1986 Independent

Mark Salomon - Vocals
Greg Minier - Guitar
Trevor Palmer - Bass
Jim Chaffin - Drums

  1. Silent Scream (1:50)
  2. You Don’t Understand (1:37)
  3. G.O.D. (1:34)
  4. Seal Number Four (3:00)
  5. Conviction (1:41)
  6. No Decay (1:58)
  7. This Howl (3:23)
  8. Be Warned (2:38)
  9. Rebellion (1:09)
  10. All You Need (1:55)
  11. Problem Solution (2:15)
  12. Directed Youth (1:55)
  13. Washed Out / Apathy (2:09)
  14. Freedom (1:38)
  15. I Want to be a Bug (0:42)


1987 Independent
2012 Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains

Mark Salomon – Lead vocals
Greg Minier – Guitar, backing vocals
Trevor Palmer – Bass, backing vocals
Jim Chaffin – Drums, backing vocals

  1. I’m Not a Christian Punk (1:03)
  2. Death to Death (1:41)
  3. Your Image (1:26)
  4. God in a Cage (1:47)
  5. Crucified With Christ (1:29)
  6. Give It Up (0:48)
  7. Disposal (1:02)

Live at the New Order

1989 Independent

Mark Salomon – Lead vocals
Greg Minier – Guitar
Mark Johnson – Bass
Jim Chaffin – Drums

  1. Conviction
  2. Seal #4
  3. Disposal
  4. Not a Christian
  5. Punk
  6. Death to Death
  7. Your Image

Recorded live at the New Order Church in Garden Grove, CA on March 5th, 1989

The Crucified

1989 Pure Metal Records / Narrowpath Records (790-060-2232)
1994 Tooth & Nail Records (TND1004)
2013 Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains

Mark Saloman II - Vocals, backing vocals
Greg Minier - Guitar, backing vocals
Mark Johnson - Bass, backing vocals
Jim Chaffin - Drums, backing vocals

Chris Kovacs - Backing vocals
Kevin Kribs - Backing vocals
Larry Farkas - Backing vocals
Vance Kovacs - Backing vocals

  1. The Pit (3:13)
  2. Diehard (3:01)
  3. Your Image (1:32)
  4. Getting a Grip on Things (3:22)
  5. Hellcorn (3:15)
  6. Rise (3:54)
  7. One Demon to Another (3:11)
  8. Unity (3:29)
  9. A Guy in a Suit and the Pope (1:46)
  10. Back to the Cross (3:40)
  11. Confidence (2:39)
  12. The Insult Circus (2:43)
  13. Thread (2:32)
  14. Crucial Moment (3:25)

The Pillars of Humanity

1991 Ocean Records (7018133696)
2009 Tooth & Nail Records (TND07059)
2011 Veritas Vinyl / Vinyl Remains

Mark Salomon - Vocals
Greg Minier - Guitar
Jeff Bellew - Bass
Jim Chaffin - Drums

  1. Intro / Hateworld (5:20)
  2. It's All About Fear (2:29)
  3. The Wrong One (3:41)
  4. Mindbender (3:53)
  5. Path to Sorrow (4:02)
  6. Fellowship of Thieves (3:12)
  7. Focus (2:32)
  8. The Strength (3:53)
  9. Blackstone / So-Called Living, 1991 (4:16)
  10. The Pillars of Humanity (2:57)