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The Warning

Thrash Metal
Azusa, California, USA

Dave “Burrito” Villalpando (formerly of G.V.A. Conviction of Sin, Moral Majority, and Public Confession) formed The Warning in 1983. In 1985, Burrito met future Dio guitarist Tracey “Tracy G” Grijalva. Burrito was a bouncer for a local promoter and Tracy G was playing for a band called Swift Kick. Tracy G was known for being a Christian that played in non-Christian bands, so he got a lot of backlash for that. Burrito decided to tell Tracy G how he supported his approach to being a Christian in non-Christian bands, and this began a musical partnership between the two. Part of that partnership included working on Conviction of Sin's recordings, but it mainly consisted of Tracy G joining The Warning. The Warning released several controversial demo tapes, but never played live due to mainly being a studio project. The band felt it would have been hard to re-create the recordings in a live setting.

In 1989, Burrito moved to the eastern U.S., but kept in touch with Tracy G. In 1996, they recorded an album for The Warning that Burrito felt was so controversial that they needed to change names. The new band names became Eightball Cholos. Also around 1996, Burrito started Morphine Records.


1986 Repent or Die! Radicals for Christ
1988 A Virgin in the Midst of Whores
1989 Cut the Crap!
1990 Shattered Messiah Narrowpath Records
1990 Cut The Garbage! (re-issue of “Cut the Crap!”)
1997 Decade of Frustration Strait Edge

Repent or Die!

1986 Radicals for Christ

Burrito - Vocals
Tracy G - All music and production

  1. The Warning (2:21)
  2. Can Your Heart Still Cry (4:21)
  3. The Truth (3:31)
  4. Jesus is the Only Way (2:03)
  5. Armageddon (an Instrumental) (1:54)
  6. Abortion is Murder (2:35)
  7. No Mercy (2:29)
  8. The Rapture (1:48)

Note: In 1990, Radicals commissioned a new cover design from Chris Yambar for this demo so their entire line of cassette tapes would have “that look.”

A Virgin in the Midst of Whores

1988 Independent

Burrito - Vocals
Tracy G - All music and production

  1. Burn in Hell (3:34)
  2. Simple Simon (2:11)
  3. Instrumental (0:58)
  4. Let's Go to Church (2:49)
  5. Instrumental (2:10)
  6. A Virgin in the Midst of Whores (2:04)
  7. What Will You Do (1:46)
  8. Whatever Happened to Love (4:00)
  9. Solid Rock (4:19)
  10. The Rapture (3:44)

“Check this cover - Pride is Jerry Falwell, Ego is Jimmy Swaggart, Phony is Tammy Faye Bakker, 666 is Pope John Paul II, Lust$ is Jim Bakker, Virgin is Jesus Christ.

This over-the-top cassette release literally shook the CCM community when it openly and blatantly went gunning for popular religious media personalities by name! Critics freaked out over the band's raw boldness and call to radical holiness and over Yambar's controversial cover art that depicted a dead Christ draped in the arms of PTL Club hosts Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker, Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart, whose faces topped the bodies of giant writhing serpents. Voted the best independent CCM release of 1986 by numerous underground critics and publications the world over!”

Cut the Crap!

1989 Independent

Burrito - Vocals
Tracy G - Guitars

  1. Condemned to Hell (4:16)
  2. Human Holocaust (3:38)
  3. Blood Bath (3:12)
  4. Don't Touch Me (1:59)
  5. Psalm 51 (2:18)
  6. Out of Control (2:54)
  7. Cut the Crap (2:43)
  8. Love (bonus track) (3:35)

“This cassette-only release was too in your face for most CCM airplay and was even banned by some gospel bookstores until its Yambar designed cover art was redesigned to read, Cut The Garbage. Even after the alteration, some southern states refused to carry or display the cassette at all. There were actual reports of some stores keeping the tape behind the counter and selling it without any cover art sleeve at all. This gave the band immediate international cult status, and the tape became a must-have item. Many critics have called this project the most cutting edge moment in 1980s independent Christian music. They may be right. The cassette art was matched with an oversized promotional poster/newsletter designed by Yambar and some stickers of the cover art produced by the band.”

Shattered Messiah

Decade of Frustration

1997 Strait Edge