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Totally Square

Alternative Rock
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Totally Square was a band that Dann Gunn played in before forming Velocipede. According to Gunn, after their demo tape they changed the band name to just The Square because too many people thought Totally Square “sounded like valley girl talk.” They also changed sound drastically after their demo cassette, becoming “much more raucous, loud, and driving.”


1991 Ladder in My Head Moo Records

Ladder in My Head

1991 Moo Records (CUD001)

Dann Gunn - Vocal noise
John Coble - Guitar noise
Dennis V. Maddox - Bass noise
John Paul Nefflen - Drum noise

  1. Raise This Heart
  2. Honest Man
  3. Face
  4. Sizzle and Peel
  5. See You
  6. Dead on the Water
  7. Hand
  8. Beware
  9. Little Mr. Human Fetus
  10. Hope