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White Trash, Inc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) is an experimental improv music organisation. Live shows consist of four to twelve members performing instruments ranging from guitar, bass, and keyboards to power tools, dijeridoo, trumpet, and violin. The band prefers to play in total darkness, broken only by candelight and the images from a barrage of 16mm film images which oft accompany the performances. A full-length is scheduled for spring of 2000…” (from


1996 White Trash Inc (7“)
2002 Pet Cats Get 2000 Credits (7”) Milk & Honey

White Trash Inc

1996 Independent

C. Scott Hatch - Electronics
Nathan Morris - Electronics

  1. Untitled
  2. Untitled

“Self-released by C. Scott Hatch of the Burnt Toast Vinyl label in 1996, though the record does not list any record label, song titles or anything other than the band name and date. I believe this was limited to a few hundred or less.” (from

Pet Cats Get 2000 Credits

2002 Milk & Honey

“The A side is two live songs where the orchestra is joined by Orlando Greenwood (Create!. Havalina Rail Co.). The B side is a remix from Matt Chinn (Frolic. Firmament). Noise. Noise. Noise.” (from

“I carefully placed the new White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) 7″ Pet Cats Get 2000 Credits on the turntable. The A side consists of a live show from late summer 2001 in two segments “If You’re Not on my Called ID I Don’t Want to Talk To You” and “Corporate Conglomerates are the Root of All Evil” (featuring Orlando Greenhill on screamy “spray-opera” vocals), the reverse side being “The Dynamic of Film (Silver Screen Remix)” which was remixed by Matthew Chinn of Frolic (Projekt Records).” (from

  1. If You’re Not on my Called ID I Don’t Want to Talk To You
  2. Corporate Conglomerates are the Root of All Evil
  3. The Dynamic of Film (Silver Screen Remix)

Compilation Appearances

Heroine compilation (1996):
19) Bowling (2:28)

Ballistic Test Error compilation (1997 Flaming Fish Music)
04) Gun Rack for My Pick-up (live)

Full Frontal Lobotomy compilation (1997 Flaming Fish Music)
16) Bowling (2:26)

8.21 A Blue Bunny Compilation (2000 Blue Bunny Records)
21) Abolish The Racist White Overclass (9:06)
(Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By – John Donohue)