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Wings of Faith


From Duane M. Evarts on Facebook: “The band “Wings of Faith” (Chuck Wysong, James Frost, Larry Boggs, and Mark Pappas) recorded their four-song demo in 1981. The band went on to play at the Knott's Berry Farm Christian Jubilation Night later that year. Their song, “Energy Shortage” was one that your humble engineer/producer actually had a small vocal part saying… “I HAVE NO ENERGY SHORTAGE” in a few places. So here we are 31 years later with a video commemorating a great tune by a group of that should have been at the top of the charts in their day!”


1981 Demo


1981 Independent

James Frost - Rhythm guitars
Larry Boggs - Lead guitars
Chuck Wysong - Bass guitar
Mark Pappas - Drums

Possible songs:

  • Energy Shortage
  • See What God can Do
  • Wings of Faith