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 Heavy Metal\\ Heavy Metal\\
 Holt, Michigan, USA Holt, Michigan, USA
 +John Heald of [[Armada (Michigan)]] fame helped to form Xalt with leader/​guitarist James Erdman in 1987. At some point Steve Davis joined on bass as well. Heald recorded a version of the band's debut album //Dark War// as lead vocalist and drummer, co-writing several of the tracks on that release. Scott Doerfler and Todd Gleason would later join the band, and along with Erdman and Davis, recorded the version of //Dark War// that would be released in 1988. Randy Carlson (also from [[Armada (Michigan)]]) replaced Davis after recording and supporting [[Armada (Michigan)]]'​s //​Frontline//​ album. Carlson first appeared on 1990's //Under the Ruins//, and has played on all of the band's albums since them.
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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 Jim Erdman – Guitars\\ Jim Erdman – Guitars\\
 Steve Davis – Bass\\ Steve Davis – Bass\\
-Ed Englerth – Bass\\+[[Ed Englerth]] – Bass\\
 Todd Gleason – Drums Todd Gleason – Drums