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Don Fraser & Detour

Alternative Rock
Corona, California, USA

From the ReverbNation profile: “Don Fraser & Detour was formed around the leadership of Don Fraser, who had been active in the local music scene for some time. The band was originally name “Detour” but later Don Fraser's name was added for copyright concerns. Directly prior to the formation of Detour, Don had been involved in performing in his and other church worship groups around his community. He would often be invited to perform at various churches in southern California. It wasn't until the late 70's that Don felt called to form a Christian Rock band. Though the Riverside area of California at that time was not well known for many Christian rock bands, but Don still felt a need to represent Christ to a secular audience, he felt that a band was only the natural way to do so.

Originally formed in 1981 and by 1989 represented one of the most well known Christian alternative bands in southern California. Don Fraser & Detour had made themselves known after touring a large majority of the Calvary Chapels in southern California at the time. They were most known by the congregation and leadership of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Where Don spent some time there voluntering. The band also held practice sessions at the church for some time. Later the band would play at most of the larger known Calvary's in Southern California. They soon made a home for themselves at Calvary Chapel Oceanside where Don lead Sunday morning worship. Later in 1989 Don and the (then Assistant Youth) Pastor Mike Reed, Head Youth Pastor Matthew “Chik” Chikeles, Started The ROCK CHURCH. Which Don and Lewis both lead the worship for. Detour would also tour the greater Los Angeles area playing at various nightclubs in order to reach the lost for Christ. The band would frequent Oasis nightclub in Hollywood. This was one of the few Christian nightclubs set up as an “alcohol free” club and served as an escape for youth and those in search, to find loving people willing to help with whatever they could.

In 1982 Detour released a demo, Detour which contained some of their lesser known hits such as “Mausoleum”, “Take It Now”, “Borrowed Time”, “Take My Life”, “If I Could Only Find You”, And “New Life”. Which they used for marketing and selling their name for no profit. The band toured southern California for several years always playing open doors meaning they never charged for entry. Don felt that the Lord gave freely so the gospel should always be free no matter what form it takes on. He still holds true to this belief to this days siting the scripture by Christ Himself in Matthew 10:8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have various diseases, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.” Their 1986 eponymous debut was produced by Firewatch Records and entitled “Last Call”. While the title of the album is Last Call, The title track was never added due to a dispute with the owner of the recording studio. The band, however frequently performed the title song at every concert event since the albums release. The album contained only six tracks including “Prodigal”, “LP-3” (Named for the co-writer Lewis Putnam, as this was his third contributing song written by him), “Isolation”, “BMW”, “New Life” and “Don't Wait So Long”. The group soon became very well known for their songs “BMW” and “Mausoleum”. While Detour was visually similar to other alternative Christian bands at the time, it was distinguished by three elements: the vocals of Don Fraser, the songwriting of Don and Lewis Putnam, and the guitar techniques of Lewis Putnam and Eric Turner of Darrell Mansfield and Gentile Faith. The band's sound was in not typical of competent 1980's Christian bands, but their lyrics were distinctly Christian. Themes often included Armageddon, hope and victory in Christ, and the Grace of living in God, with Biblical language throughout. Often found throughout their songs such as “Mausoleum,” “BMW,” “Prodigal,” “Isolation.” During his time with the band, Don Fraser Performed Solo and as a Duet with Lewis Putnam and has since recorded a third album entitled “Psalmests Cry” Produced by Don and Lewis. This album while it didn't sell as well as their previous, did however manage to land two of their songs “When I hold you” and “Don't Turn Away” on the weekly rotation with KBLD 91.7FM in the Tri-Cities, Washington for two years.

Don, Lewis, and Charity reunited briefly for a performance at Calvary Chapel Oceanside in Oceanside, California Don Fraser toured in 1987 with Darrell Mansfield Band. And played with other notable bands such as Mustard Seed Faith, Bryan Duncan, Final Warning, Bloodgood, Elevator Music, and The Mirrors.”

Don Fraser - Vocals
Lewis David - Electric Guitar
Charity Putnam - Bass
Bill Robison - Bass
Daniel Parker - Drums


1982 Demo (as Detour)
1986 Last Call Firewatch Records
1989 Demo Firewatch Records
1996 Psalmests Cry Firewatch Records


1982 Independent

  1. Cheap Thrill Seeker
  2. Borrowed Time
  3. Take It Now
  4. Mausoleum
  5. Take My Life
  6. If I Could Only Find You
  7. New Life

Last Call

1986 Firewatch Records

  1. Prodigal
  2. LP-3
  3. Isolation
  4. BMW
  5. New Life
  6. Don't Wait So Long


1989 Firewatch Records

Don Fraser - Lead vocals
Lewis David - Lead guitar on all songs except “B.M.W.,” lead vocals on “LP-3”
Bill Robison - Bass guitar, keyboards
Charity Book - Bass guitar, keyboards, back-up vocals
Steve Lattanation - Drums, percussion

Eric Turner - Lead guitar on “B.M.W.”

  1. Prodigal
  2. B.M.W.
  3. LP-3
  4. Isolation
  5. New Life
  6. Don't Wait So Long

Psalmests Cry

1996 Firewatch Records

Songs include:

  • When I Hold You
  • Don't Turn Away
  • Anjeline
  • Psalmests Cry
  • Brandy's Song
  • Blue's Gig