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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

“Gapstander - One who stands in the gap. Who will stand in the gap? Homegrown influenced progressive group with various influences put their minds on tape and stick them to the world at large. Completed in 1996, this album touches on a spectrum of thoughts as contrasting as the simplest of joys, to the frustration of those who struggle but seldom see justice. A human group of faulted individuals, Gapstander attempts to show the frailty of man and his devices, and the swelling undercurrent of divinity.”


1999 Gapstander Fort Wayne Publishers


1999 Fort Wayne Publishers

  1. Fly Like a Dove
  2. Up from the Depths
  3. Hand Over Fist
  4. I Am Adopted
  5. Good Day
  6. Rain MP3 Sample
  7. Mama
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. One More Chance
  10. Nothing You Can Do