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Global Warning

Julio Rey met Marc Golob when looking for a bassist for another project called Global Warning in late 1991. Global Warning was destined for failure due to inability to make schedules mesh.

“Link Line” was one song written for Global Warning: “I wrote this in late 1991, and it was originally supposed to be for Global Warning, my first failed post-Lead band. It was inspired by a teen hotline set up by a local TV station which offered various and sundry bits of “advice” to kids seeking answers. The specifics are pretty well-detailed in the lyrics above. I don’t think I’d be as strident today on the same topics; I’m not sure this song does any service to selling the Christian viewpoint in the marketplace of ideas. It does do a good job of selling Frank’s Enemy as a band with an attitude.

We originally recorded this for our 1993 demo, Qoheleth (and that was a better performance too - we weren’t under the gun with studio time). This was recorded in 1994 at Capstone Music. We also made a cheap video of this song the next year.”