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Groove Metal
San Diego, California, USA

Phil Castillo was formerly in Crossforce and Mercy.


1997 Lost
1999 Welcome to Paradise
2002 Sindrome TMAG Records


1997 Independent

Phil Castillo – Guitar
Frank Citriniti – Drums
Eddie Gomez – Bass
Dave Meriweller – Vocals
Lou Tamagni – Guitar

  1. Lock and Load
  2. Lost
  3. Beside Me
  4. Old Man

Welcome to Paradise

1999 Independent

  1. Wrath
  2. Find You
  3. Marylin
  4. Light of Day
  5. Lies
  6. Follow
  7. Beside Me
  8. Afterglow
  9. Lost

“Krush's debut offers great leads, great licks, good production and clear metal vocals. Despite the power metal label, the CD offers a bit of diversity from full throttle metal to more mellow moments.”


2002 TMAG Records (F9J7Q4)

Dave Meriwether - Vocals
Phil Castillo - Guitars
Stan Perl - Bass
Fred Helm - Drums

  1. Sindrome
  2. Stand and Fight
  3. Shame
  4. Light of Day
  5. Fly Away
  6. Never Leave You
  7. Time
  8. Wrath
  9. Fall

“Overall production by Fred Helm of Crystavox, this CD showcases the band's great hooks and aggressive grooves. Bang your head metal that is sure to please all.”