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Heavy Metal
Middleton, Ohio, USA

Their name has stood for “Love Over Universal Destruction” and “Love Obedience Unity Devotion” at different times.

Two of the members, Pat & Frank Bratcher, toured in another group in the 80's before L.O.U.D. called High Fever. They opened for Kiss, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Vandenburg, Fastway, and other bands.

L.O.U.D. was formed 1985 in McAlester, Oklahoma by Pat & Frank. They moved to Tulsa and eventually based out of Middletown, Ohio. Their mission statement was: “We want to reach souls”.

L.O.U.D. opened for Head East, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Sweet Savage, and more. They were in the process of starting a tour called “Shout It Out L.O.U.D.” as a tribute to KISS (a KISS clone act) when both Pat and Frank went back to church and stopped the project, which would have grossed approximately $360,000 dollars a year.


1987 Love Over Universal Destruction
1989 Stand on the Rock
1994 II It's True

Love Over Universal Destruction

1987 Independent

  1. Eye To Eye
  2. Give a Little Love
  3. Need Your Love
  4. Turn Up The Lights

Stand on the Rock

1989 Independent
2002 Independent (CD-R re-issue)

Pat Bratcher – Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Frankee Bratcher – Lead vocals, bass
E.J. Smith – Lead vocals, percussion
Ron Kunka – Keyboards

  1. Follow Him
  2. Six Feet Wide
  3. In the Garden
  4. I Owe You Praise
  5. The Rock Rolled
  6. Amazing Grace
  7. Holy-Holy-Lord
  8. Wealth of Your Love
  9. Stand on the Rock

II It's True

1994 Independent
2003 Independent (CD-R re-issue)

  1. Jesus It's True
  2. Change Your Mind
  3. Greater is He (That is in Me)
  4. Every Knee Will Bow
  5. The Last Supper
  6. There's Only One You
  7. Endless Love
  8. Standing Strong
  9. No MTV
  10. I've Got a God
  11. If Your Hair's Too Long (There's Sin in Your Heart)