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Legal Guidelines

If you are the owner of material or images shared on this site and feel that it is not shared legally, please [ contact us]. We apologize in advance for that - but also ask if you would still consider letting your content stay up as a historical archive.

General Guidelines

Please ensure that all content added to The C.U.E. follows legal guidelines. If you have permission to add something to the site, please send that to us in advance just to be safe. Remember that all content, images, video, and music posted online is automatically copyrighted according to current laws, whether the original author states this or not. Anywhere that permission is given, either through Creative Commons or other means, to re-use content, then you are free to re-use. Providing a link back to that notice is always helpful

Content From Other Sites Or Offline Sources

Some sites, such as Wikipedia, give free reign to copy and re-use content. In fact, if you can find something on Wikipedia, it is usually a good idea to start with that here and expand on it. Of course, not everyone that adds to Wikipedia checks first before they add, so don't add something that you know violates any laws.

If a site has content that they won't share, remember that you are allowed to link to it, and even quote small parts under Fair Use laws.

Please don't add print content from in-print books, magazines, or other offline sources without permission. Feel free to paraphrase and quote under fair use guidelines, however. Out of print material is another matter - we are trying to archive here. If you can get permission, please do. If not, just be careful.


Images can be trickier. Generally, it is acceptable to have a decent sized image of an album cover for information purposes. About 400 by 400 pix should be fine - please don't go any smaller than 200 by 200. Other types of images are harder to say. If you have pictures you took yourself, feel free to add them. Most of the stuff we cover here will be out of print, so just be careful when sharing images, scans of magazine ads, or other historical images. Our purpose here is to archive, not make money. Just be careful what you share.

Audio Files

We would love to share music archives also, but that is even trickier than images. If you are in a band and want to share your music, contact us. Even if the music is on cassette or vinyl - we can digitize that. Everyone else - we just don't want to mess with that. If the music is on another site (like BandCamp) - then feel free to insert a link or embed a player. We'll let those other sites deal with the legal stuff :)


We're not really set-up to share videos - I would try YouTube for sharing. Feel free to embed YouTube videos on this site - we'll let them deal with the legal issues. If you are in a band, but don't have the ability to get your videos on YouTube - contact us and maybe we can help.